Top 5 Reasons To Join LimeLife by Alcone

It’s no secret that I’m a professional makeup artist.

It’s also no secret that I believe it is my God-given right to earn money in as many ways as possible that align with who I am, what I believe, and what I desire.

Enter LimeLife by Alcone.

These are my opinions, along with some facts. These are my experiences and well… I’m here to ensure you aren’t leaving any coins on the table if you’re a makeup or skincare lover or want something fun to do alongside anything else you do while loving and wanting to take care of yourself.


1. Low Investment

When I first joined LimeLife, it was $169.
I thought that was a steal because I got a giant kit worth about $400, so I told myself, “Even if I don’t make any money, I just got a great deal on all this stuff.”
Don’t be like me. You will want to make money, so affirm that. Lol. We’ll talk about mindset in another post.


Now, the investment is only $39, and then you can choose many products for 50% off.
Often, there will even be a deal where you get a gift for becoming a Beauty Guide.

One of the things I respect about this brand is that it was created with financial independence for women in mind. This was never designed to be a be-all, end-all. It was designed to be a vehicle for women to create the lives they desire. Some people stay and some people go. Some people maintain their full-time careers, maintain LimeLife and use the money earned from LimeLife to start their own businesses or passion projects. The sky is the limit, but try not to think of it as just joining a company, because it is so much more than that.

I’m sure you’ve heard of and watched things that talk about how women have gone into crazy debt from starting social selling.
News flash, friend – no one can make you do anything, so do your research.

Here are the facts:
1. Pay $39 – this is your Backstage Pass and gets you your beautiful website, your first month of website fees, and all the training you can stand
2. Pay $9.95 per month to maintain your website
3. Pay $75 on each anniversary unless you attend the company conference. If you do, they waive the $75.

That’s it.
There is no inventory that you need to purchase.
There are no hidden fees.


2. The Products Are Top Tier

limelife by alcone makeup featuring lip gloss, brushes, eyeliners, mascara and bronzers

When I was first approached about the business, I was at the masterclass of an incredible celebrity makeup artist. Several attendees were already a part of LimeLife, so I got a bit of a peek at the products there. I was impressed when I learned that LimeLife was partnered with professional brands like RCMA and Skindinavia.

I worked at MAC Cosmetics and freelanced for brands like YSL and Bobbi Brown. I wasn’t interested in selling products again because I hated how I felt. Most people must realize that sales goals exist for everyone who works for one of those brands. It’s easy to try to push products onto people to hit that goal without considering that they may not even know what to do with them once they get them home.

After four months, it clicked for me, and I joined.
I could do sales differently! I could support my customers every step of the way, from the purchase to learning how to apply their products. There would be no guilt and no one looking over my shoulder when I’m spending too much time with one customer.


3. Work The Business Your Way

As I mentioned above, I figured out one of the ways I would work the business before I even joined – by being of service.
One of the most beautiful things about this company is that there is no force to do one thing one way. You get to play around and see what works for you.

Let me be responsible and say this – people will be people.
Some leaders might be more aggressive than others, so choose wisely.
In my case, I had an aggressive leader and decided to do my own thing and not worry about what she was doing.

Please keep in mind that that’s always an option for you.


4. Brilliant Training for All Businesses

Sure, you won’t own LimeLife by Alcone, but you can put the business under your LLC.
One of the most incredible things about the business is that we have a home office full of people with significant experience in everything from social media to business coaching. Whether this is just a starting place for you, something you do alongside your current career or business, or something you choose to do forever, I can guarantee you will gain skills that support business growth.


5. It’s a No-Brainer for Makeup Artists, Estheticians and Beauty Enthusiasts

Felicia Yvette doing bridal makeup on a brown skinned bride with curly hair

Consider this: As beauty lovers, we already share about the things we love. Am I right?
Imagine being able to pay only $9.95 per month and have no ceiling on the amount of money you can earn. The more people you share the products with, the more you earn. For example, you instantly earn 20% on every purchase. If it’s a brand new customer, add another 10% to that. That means you only need to sell $35 to one new person or $50 to an existing customer to break even monthly. That’s a piece of cake with some effort!

You can still share about other brands, use LimeLife alongside other beauty brands, and work your brand/business your way. There are no rules! So, invest the $9.95 per month and give yourself a chance at the extra paycheck you desire!

If you have decided that LimeLife is for you, click here to learn more and sign up and I’ll see you on the inside!
Once you join, we will set up a call to strategize how you can integrate this business into your life based on your goals.



Felicia Yvette

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