The Transformative Power of Spiritual Life Coaching

Have you ever felt like you’re on the brink of something extraordinary, yet something invisible seems to hold you back?
That was me before becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

I showed up to therapy one day and said, “I feel unfulfilled. I know there’s more for me. I want to be more useful.” In the process improvement world (my corporate career), I would consider myself to be waste, in a lot of ways. I have all of this skill, intuition, clairvoyance, claircognizance… and it’s not benefiting as many people as I know it can. So, now what? Through being a student (and client) of Spiritual Life Coaching, I was able to gain clarity on exactly what it is that I wanted, what held me back, what made me think the way I did, what contributed to the feelings I had about myself and others and so much more. It gave me the clarity I didn’t realize I needed. And that’s what it can do for you.

What is Spiritual Life Coaching?

Let me start by saying that my definition may differ from some others. I had the honor of being selected to attend the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, founded by Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. You may see me refer to her as Mama Iya if I should mention her here. Based on what I have been taught, Spiritual Life Coaching is all about coaching holistically, supporting the client in tapping into who they are, fully accepting who they are, and learning what life can look like when they are in flow with the Universe. This is where personal development meets spiritual development. I, the coach, get to support you, the client, in transformation through that work together.

The Journey of Self-Discovery

Let me be honest.
I showed up to class thinking, “Just give me the info so I can become a coach and get my certification.”
No, no, no, Felicia. Nothing could have prepared me for the journey of self-discovery I went on. The coach must first be the client.

Everyone’s journey through coaching will look different, and what I can tell you is that self-awareness is key. Through the use of spiritual practices, principles, and tools, I will support you in a transformative journey toward any goal you may have. There may be times that you need to close your eyes and go within, visit and explore with your inner child, look at your shadows, or answer some tough questions. And there may be times when things are more straightforward, where some level of personal accountability needs to be established. The journey will be unique to you.

Integrating Spiritual Practices

My own experience with daily spiritual practice had been consistent-ish, at best, before becoming a Spiritual Life Coach. I credit my healing with allowing myself to be a student, a client, and… well, vulnerable. I am a woman of faith and have always prayed, but having a consistent spiritual practice changed the game for me. My prayers changed. I learned different ways to pray. I learned some powerful prayers that have been prayed by many. I also integrated many different forms of spiritual practice, from meditation to head blessing.

The healing that I mentioned?
Doctors and surgeons told me that I would likely never be a mother. I had been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and the surgeon told me that it was quite literally, “the worst endometriosis he had ever seen.” He attempted to push a drug on me and said some really cruel things when I refused. I was going to heal myself holistically… or at best, become a mother and prove them all wrong. I started visiting holistic doctors. I eventually froze some eggs – TWICE! And what do you know? A year and a half later, I got pregnant naturally. My frozen eggs are still on ice – all 12 of them. When I graduated from my coaching program, I was three months pregnant.

To Wrap This Up…

Spiritual Life Coaching is not just about setting goals. It is about alignment, self-awareness, embracing all of you, using all the parts of yourself, that you may not even be fully clear about, to create what you desire. So, beautiful human, are you ready to dive into this ocean of possibility? To explore, to dream, to grow? I cannot promise that it will always feel good, because it probably won’t. I can promise you that I will be with you through it.

I will open my books again in 2024, so stay tuned.
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