From Skeptic to Six-Figure Success: My Unlikely Journey in Social Selling

Stepping into the world of social selling (I prefer this name over network marketing) is not something that one wakes up and thinks about and says, “Oh snap, I want to be a social seller.” Right?

That has never been the story for me. I had always been the one who talked negatively about those people. How dare they infiltrate my DMs with their sales pitches, offering me weight-loss products in all my 120-something-pound glory. It’s something that I considered a thoughtless gig where people sign up, have high requirements to sell, and then project that onto me. It had never felt genuine. And I wanted no parts. Yet somehow, here I am – a six-figure earner with a social selling company and their first Black executive director.

Saying Yes

As a professional makeup artist who has always prided herself on being as educated as possible, masterclasses are my jam. I’ve traveled hours and hours to attend the classes of artists like Romero Jennings, Sam Fine, Tia Dantzler, Merrell Hollis, and more. So, when I moved from Indiana to Maryland and heard about Lottie having a masterclass, I bit the bullet. It was the most expensive class I had ever taken (there was a comma in there back in 2016), and it was worth every penny! Anyway, it was at that class that I met some other artists that I had only been Facebook friends with, and I learned that some of them were also retailing product.

Ugh. Retailing product.

Black woman shaking her head no.

I’ve done it. My first freelance gig was with MAC Cosmetics and I did that for several years, then went on to freelance for other well-known brands.
Three words.

Okay… I take that back. It is GREAT experience to get to work on all different skin types, shades, textures, etc., but selling wasn’t my favorite, especially since I’d get to work and immediately have a sales goal to work toward. Ick, ick, ick! Knowing that I would have no real relationship with these people to show them how to use what I was selling them didn’t curl all the way over for me.

Anyway, someone at that class pitched LimeLife by Alcone to me. That was in January 2016. I blew her off time and time again. And then in May of that same year, I said yes. It was $169 to join back then, but you got this giant kit full of stuff to try. I had asked the questions I needed to know the answers to.

“What’s required of me?”
“How much does this REALLY cost?”

When I learned that I could work the business my way and only pay $9.95/mo., I thought it was a scam. Because what on earth? I don’t have sales requirements, and you don’t make me keep inventory? I don’t have to ship anything? It’s just like another subscription and I spend $9.95 on nonsense all the time. Okay… not anymore because #budgetlife, but… ya know. Ten dollars goes fast. Count me in.

Two years later, I became the first Black executive.
I’m about to tell you how.


The Secret Sauce To Social Selling

Here we go.
I’m about to tell you what helped me win at something that I didn’t feel I’d be good at.


Okay… be yourself AND take your community on a journey.
That means you absolutely cannot be anti-social because it is SOCIAL selling, after all.
Even if you’re shy or introverted, you must be willing to come out of your shell in some capacity – even if you only build on social media.
…and that’s what I did.

Social media looks different than it did several years ago, so you must also be able to keep up with the times, the trends, and as your business grows, you have to consider things like:

  • How will you keep in touch with your customers?
  • How will you consistently offer value to them and make them feel valued?
  • How will you grow your community?

And guess what? Don’t want to build a team?
Well… neither did I, but as I got into the company and saw how to work it, I chose to work toward building one. And I used the same advice I just gave you – be yourself.
I landed on the top enrollers list for several years before I chose to take a step back for a while to focus on my healing, become a Spiritual Life Coach and then… surprise! I became a momma to a miracle baby. But I’m back in full swing now!

I love that I get to sprinkle a bit of Coach Felicia in with my teammates because there is often a blockage when it comes to this business – not knowing what to do, what to post, how to XYZ… but I get to use my coaching skills and tools to support them in looking at who they are and what they can bring to their networks while just being themselves.


Things You Should Know

LimeLife by Alcone is still a baby company – we have under 15,000 Beauty Guides worldwide, so there is plenty of opportunity to grow here.
– It is free to join.
– You will pay $9.95/mo. to keep your website active.
– On each anniversary you will pay $75, unless you attend the company conference – then the $75 is waived.
– You get 50% off some best-sellers at enrollment, and you also earn commissions on the purchases you make at enrollment.
– You get 20% off your regular purchases.
– You get early access to new releases.
– There is free business training/coaching and there are plenty of resources.
– You get access to my team, the KEYS, chats, portals, worksheets and more.
– You get access to LimeLife’s resources like the Beyond Beauty Guide, a monthly planner, trainings, skincare and foundation quizzes, and much more!


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