Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is almost officially here. I must say… I am ecstatic!  My skin has never looked better.  I had it pretty rough the last few months with random breakouts. I was simply using way too many products and treatments at once. Bringing it back to basics was the priority.  Let’s go into your vanity and make life a little more flawless, shall we?

Coming into summer, narrow it down to a system that is simple.  You don’t have to use 99 potions and lotions (Ha! Although, it’s fine to own as much).  The right combination of products for your skin type is what you need.

Summer weather can leave the skin oily, filmy or feeling textured depending on the skin type.  Twice a day, use an all-in-one cleanser, not only to remove make up but to effectively clean your pores.

Next, apply an eye and facial serum to treat any discoloration, anti-aging, texture or pore size issues. Serums (always applied after your cleanser) are an absolute MUST.  They treat your individual concerns the most!  It also may prove helpful to use a cleansing brush with a non-granulated cleanser.

The final step is hydration and protection.  Using a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 during the summer is preferred.  The evening is usually when we like to treat our skin to products with more advanced ingredients. To maintain your skins health, protecting it against UVA & UVB rays during the day is not an option.  Remember this: U Vill Age & U Vill Burn not protecting your skin with a decent SPF.

It generally takes a skin cycle (4 weeks) to see desired results from a new regimen.  Take selfies to record your skin’s progress to ensure you’re on the right path.  Now that we have a strategy in place, consistency is key!  Onward & flawless my beauties!


-Shoni Baker, LME

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  1. Megan says:

    Hi Shoni! I’ve heard a lot about you from Felicia and so I trust her and her recommendation of you, so I want to get your expert advice on rosacea and super dry/flaky skin. I have a patch on my left cheek that gets so bad sometimes and I can’t wear makeup to cover it because it highlights my dry flaky skin. I exfoliate, I drench, I do everything. I’ve even used the metro gel but that made my skin even more dry. I live in the desert so I drink almost 2 gallons of water a day to keep hydrated. I also sweat a lot so any makeup you can recommend that will not melt off my face? Or maybe a toned moisturizer with SPF or anything that can help me out?

    Thanks in advance!

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