Rhinoplasty, maybe.

I’m sure this post won’t sit well with some and that’s okay. I know, for a fact, that my best friend has her eye rolls queued up and waiting. She’ll be fine. Love you, L.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of my nose. It’s big. There’s a bump on the bridge that I can’t stand and the tip of my nose kind of curves downward, like a witch’s nose. Doesn’t sound cute, right? It’s not.

I decided years ago that, at SOME POINT, I would like to get rhinoplasty – that’s plastic surgery performed on the nose. Sounds scary and I know we’ve all seen some really botched jobs, but we have also seen some really beautiful adjustments. Just Google it. Some of your favorite celebrities have probably gotten rhinoplasty.

A quick search online led me to one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in my area (when I lived in Indiana) for a complimentary consultation. The facility was set up like a medical spa – very warm and inviting.  I wasn’t anxious at all about what I was considering. When the surgeon entered, he took a peek at my nose and already knew what I wanted done. Sweet. It was nice to know that he understood my vision before I had even said anything.

He told me that this would be a really easy fix. He would simply take from the tip of the nose and fill in the area above the bump. Doesn’t that seem harmless? I’m not that naive. I know things go wrong, but it sounds easy peasy. I’ll wait until I have children (hopefully), since some people say their nose spreads and doesn’t go back (that’s pretty messed up, by the way). At least I got a general idea of what to expect when (if?) I do it. He even sent me some imaging predictions of what my nose would look like after it has been adjusted.


Listen. You wouldn’t be able to tell me a damned thing for a while. Look at it!

The estimate wasn’t bad at all – a little over $7,000. That’s fair.
I could think of a million other things to do with $7,000, though. That’s one reason why it hasn’t already been done. Another reason is that I noticed that my nephew has a similar nose. I’m not sure who passed this down to us, but… it’s ours. God gave it to us, so who am I to change it? Eh.

We’ll see.

Have you had or considered rhinoplasty?
Thoughts? Should I?
Let me know!




  1. JD says:

    I vote you do it if that is what you want. You are gorgeous no matter the nose so…

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