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I had just finished a pretty cool gig when I decided that it was time for me to take a break from makeup artistry. Those two days were great. The talent was easy to work with and I gave everyone what they wanted. I just felt in my spirit that it was time for me to take a step back. Have you ever felt that?

A month later, I moved to a different part of the country, started a new position with the company I’ve been with for almost ten years… and had no clients. Zero. Sounded like the perfect time to continue my break. After all, I needed time to get used to the new area, unpack my life, organize my life, master my new position and… breathe? I’m still breathing.

Fair. Right?

On to Lottie’s Masterclass…

The class was announced a few months in advance. Space was limited and it would be right here in the D.C. area. Lottie hardly ever does these classes, so there was no way I could miss a two-day class with hands-on practice. The price? It wasn’t a little bit, but there was no way that would keep me from going. Here are the reasons why:

I knew that seeing Lottie work would make me want to get back out there. She does the type of makeup that I love – the type I enjoy doing on my own clients.

With work that doesn’t look anything like mine being really popular (I know, that’s relative) right now, especially on social media, I knew that seeing someone who loves really clean, pretty, glowing skin and who actually works consistently in our industry would remind me that there is room for me. Sometimes, as professional artists, we get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing instead of focusing on our own work that we get discouraged. I’m guilty of it, too. That’s why I needed this reminder.

I’m capable of creating gorgeous skin (did I just toot my own horn?), but I always love seeing someone else do it. Maybe they’ll mention a product that I’ve never heard of. Maybe there’s a brush that I could use to accomplish something more easily. Maybe using my hands would be better for something. Maybe there’s a product that I own that I’ve never been able to get to work for me, but the artist has a tip on making it work beautifully. See what I mean? Just a few reasons why I like to watch other artists work, especially those whose work I adore. Perspective.

So, what happened at class?

Day One: Business. Lottie spilled all the tea about all the things. We chatted about everything from building a portfolio to how to find work depending on which field you want to work in. Fashion? Cool. Go here and do this. She made it all plain and my notebook is full of gems.

…then we got this bomb gift bag that blew our minds. Y’all! The value of that thing? This wasn’t a bag of junk. It was carefully thought out and filled with love. You can check out my post on Instagram to see all of the goodies.

Day Two: We watched Lottie work on her model and then had to go and recreate in our own way. We were to create really beautiful, glowing, dewy, delicious skin and then create an eye similar to the one she showed us. I must have been too excited, because I forgot to take photos… but I got lots of compliments on the skin I created with a deep brown and gold smoky eye (Yay, me!). Afterwards, we had the option of pushing our looks a bit further, but we all decided that we would rather watch Lottie’s process as if she was creating a beauty story.

Here are a few images of Lottie’s work from that day.
IMG_7795 IMG_7771

Do you see this skin?!

Super pretty, right?

Portfolio reviews with feedback were given at the end of each day to those who wanted them. I was so nervous, but I went for it and my feedback was great. Not only that, but then she asked, “What do you feel you need to work on?” I told her and then she gave me a huge compliment on that thing that I mentioned not being so confident about… and so I cried all the way home. When you doubt yourself and then someone like Lottie reassures you? I mean…

Hands down, that was the best money I’ve ever spent on a class. So often, we (artists) attend classes where we only observe or where there is hands-on application involved, but there’s minimal feedback. We also attend classes of those who don’t really want to help us… they just want our money and then move on with zero support after class. This wasn’t either of those things. Lottie is far from selfish with information and she gives no BS answers, in true Aries fashion (Team Aries, by the way).

The same goes for makeup enthusiasts – choose the classes you take wisely.

If you are a makeup artist who wants to do the type of work Lottie does… guess what? She’s offering the class again on December 2nd and 3rd in Los Angeles, CA.
Do not worry about the cost.
Figure. It. Out.

Go to elevateartists.com/lotstar or shoot an e-mail to lottiemasterclass@gmail.com to get on the list. The class is super intimate, so I wouldn’t wait. K? K.

Makeup artists, what’s your favorite class that you’ve attended and why?
Makeup enthusiasts, what about you?
Tell me in the comments!



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