Limelight by Alcone: Part One

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not here for anyone trying to sell me anything. I know some of you guys agree. MLMs, pyramids, whatever… all the nope. Right? I’m still anti, but not in this case.

Here’s why I joined LimeLight by Alcone. Honestly.

Skincare-obsessed makeup artist here. I love quality skincare and makeup. I love when powder products, like eye shadows and blushes, feel like silk. I want the products to be so creamy and pigmented that I could barely tap it and have product on my fingertip. I want a little to go a long way… mostly because I like to keep my coins.

I heard about LimeLight by Alcone last summer and I started side-eyeing everyone… because ew, direct sales. I started noticing that some artists I respect are involved and I was all, “Oh, snap! What’s happening here? What makes this so special? But nah…” Then, I went to Lottie’s class and saw even more artists who are beauty guides for Limelight. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while and didn’t jump until a few weeks ago. I don’t know why it took me so long because Alcone is a brand that has been around forever for pro artists and I KNOW they stand for quality. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that they made it possible for consumers (read: NOT professional makeup artists) to purchase from them via LimeLight.

Here’s what I’ve realized…

I don’t really have to be a salesperson… and I won’t become one. All I can do is introduce people to this delicious skincare and amazing quality makeup and show them that these professional products will likely last much longer than whatever they’re currently using – the makeup, anyway. Alcone is a brand I’ve trusted for my entire career in makeup artistry, so this made sense for me.

I haven’t tried all of the products yet, but I can tell you what some of my favorites are already. How about that? I’ll start with skincare.

1. Sotox
Price: $42

This serum contains Songyi mushroom, which helps brighten the skin. Whenever there’s mention of mushroom in skincare, sign me up. I’ve had nothing but excellent results (see this post where I mention another favorite product containing mushroom). It’s firming, brightening and age-reversing. I haven’t used many serums at this price point that work so well. Huge fan.

2. One Drop Wonder
Price: $84
One Drop Wonder_ful

It’s difficult for me to even consider this a product because it’s just an ingredient – ONE ingredient. This is 100% Maclura Pomifera (Osage Orange) Seed Oil… cold-pressed! Cold-pressed means that the oil is produced at a lower temperature so that it doesn’t lose its magic, in a nutshell. It “repairs damaged and aged skin cells and helps heal many common skin issues, like rosacea.” I’ve been mixing some of this with the Forty Cure Creme and applying to my body where I have hyperpigmentation and scarring from eczema/dermatitis. I also apply a drop or two to my face after I have applied Sotox.

3. Forty Cure Creme
Price: $34
Forty Cure Creme_benefits
This. Stuff. Smells. Incredible. I’m always here for a body creme with lavender in it, and so… there’s lavender. There’s also sweet orange. Those are both magical for your skin, especially for brightening and taming any inflammation. HOWEVER, this creme also has Tamanu (Foraha) Seed. I hadn’t heard of this before, so I did some digging around online and found that this is pretty much one of the best things ever. Heals the skin, great for scars and stretch marks, relieves sunburn, helps new skin tissues form, relieves eczema, prevents diaper rash… E-VER-Y-THING. Magic.

4. Skin Polish
Price: $38
Skin Polish_benefits

This is the most recent Limelight product I’ve tried. I have used it three times and I’m blown away. VERY few skincare products I’ve used have had a texture like this. There are tiny little jojoba beads in there, which are great for exfoliating. The lemon peel oil brightens and squalane is… well, more magic. If you’re looking for moisture, it’s there. Skin Polish can be used as either an exfoliant or a mask.

P.S. Please stay away from things like that apricot scrub that some folks love so dearly… it damages your skin more than you know.

A product called Scrubtini was just brought back and I hear people go nuts over it, so I’m going to order one and check it out. I’ll report back, but I’m always here for a sugar body scrub. This one has lemon verbena oil, shea and olive butters and virgin coconut oil.

Let’s stop there for now. I’ll do another post with the makeup, which I adore.

How’s that?

Do any of these products sound amazing to you?
What would you like to try?
I may have some samples for you. 🙂



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