“I Want Your Life”… a rant of sorts.

How do you feel when someone says, “I want your life” or anything similar to it?

I hear it from time to time, especially when I’ve been traveling. Here’s a reminder: That’s not my life all the time. It’s not all rainbows and unicorn poop. Rest assured.

The beautiful thing about the internet is that we can all show whatever we want. We can make our lives seem so beautiful by simply being intentional with our posts. We can share all about our vacations, our loving families, what we’re eating, this cool new thing we got, and post inspirational quotes all day long… all while lying in bed or while reading a book that might help with vibrating a bit higher. Can you relate?

I’ve been through it, just like so many. I was bullied as a child, my heart has been broken plenty of times, I’ve lost people who meant the world to me, I’ve lost a child, I’ve been in an abusive relationship… and those are only the things I’ve shared publicly. Have there been beautiful highs in this life? Of course. Do I have bad days? Bad weeks? Absolutely. That’s just the way life goes, I suppose.

Just remember that you have no clue what someone else is going through or has been through. Wishing you had a life that you don’t know every little detail about probably isn’t the brightest idea. When you crave something, it’s because you lack it, right? Go and get it. Focus on making your life whatever or however you want it to be. If you want something badly enough, make it a priority instead of mulling over what you lack.

I’m just over here trying to make it… just like everyone else. I don’t want anyone else’s life and you shouldn’t either. Let’s make the most of what we have and use our resources to make our own lives even better. Okay?

Love you!



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