I should introduce myself a bit before I jump into the goods, right?

I’m Felicia Yvette, freelance makeup artist with a totally unrelated 9-5 that I actually enjoy.


I was born in Maryland, raised in Indiana and, as of five months ago, I’m a resident of Maryland all over again. Party. I’m looking forward to all of the DMV area adventures. If you stick around, you’ll realize that I’ll call a midnight run to McDonalds for an ice cream cone an “adventure,” the same way a trip to Greece would be an adventure.

I’m a beauty product addict. I want to try EVERYTHING. I’ve tried the V-steam (and the entire nude Korean spa experience) in Chicago, the VI Peel in Indy, the Fish Spa in Boracay… let’s just say I won’t say no to a whole lot where beauty treatments are concerned.

I love art. I’ve always drawn and doodled on things. I used to design bookmarks for my classmates in middle school and even a cover of one my yearbooks. When I looked back at my senior book from *coughfifteencough* years ago, I noticed that quite a few people called me artistic. I never gave it a thought until I was visiting a friend in California a couple of years ago. We were talking about our gifts and passions and she said something that made me remember that I used to draw on my dolls’ faces when I was a child. That was my aha moment. That was when I realized that art was a part of me whether I wanted it to be or not.

Enough of the mushy stuff.

I asked some of the people who know me really well to give me at least one adjective to describe myself. I’ve known these people from less than one year to 27 years, so I think there’s a pretty fair mixture.

Here’s what I got: Giving. Kind. Buoyant. Effervescent. Delightful. Snarkycute. Loyal. Slightly complex. Corny but funny. Genuine. Talented. Intelligent. A grinder. Different. Vivacious. Dope. Honest. Dependable. Knowledgeable. Caring. Funny. Resilient. Gangster. Sharp (sharp dresser, sharp wit, just sharp). Complacent. Zesty.

Not a terrible list. In fact, I cried. So, I would add that I’m very emotional and overly critical of myself.

You’ll learn more along the way if you hang out.

Nice to meet you!





  1. Ryan says:

    Nice to meet you Felicia lol

  2. Janene says:

    Ah you made me smile. What a beautiful picture and person! 

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