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Hi lovies! I hope 2016 is treating you beautifully so far.

Overall, I had a great year with health and my skin, especially. My dentist handed out sweet compliments and my skin did a 180. I discovered all of these, except the peels, in 2015 and can’t see myself living without any of them anytime soon. So, I wanted to share the goodness!

Ready? Here goes.

1. Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Rechargeable Toothbrush
Price: $179.99

If you want to cut down on the amount of time you spend at the dentist’s office, this is your jam. The worst part about the cleaning process for me is the scraping. There’s just something about a metal tool being dragged against my teeth that makes me want to cringe. I say all of that to say, I haven’t needed much scraping since I made this investment. This toothbrush has three settings – clean, white and gum care. You can also switch the intensity between low, medium and high. I’m here for a customizable toothbrush that leaves my teeth feeling clean and keeps my dentist sending kudos my way. Don’t just get this and expect it to do aaaaall the work, though.

2. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels
Price Varies

These have been my boos for years! They are a little pricy, so I only use them when absolutely necessary. They’re packed full of acids and other delicious ingredients to prevent the skin from aging. Mandelic, glycolic, salicylic, lactic acids… they’re all there. If my skin is looking dull and just not cooperating with me, I reach for these. I almost always go for the extra strength, since my skin isn’t really sensitive to these ingredients, but you may want to start with the regular strength if you’re a new user.

3. LUSH Gorgeous Moisturizer
Price: $87.95

Feels like heaven, smells nice and fresh and IT WORKS! I think the magical ingredient in this product is the neroli oil. Yes, I looked up every single ingredient. Almost $88 is a lot to spend on moisturizer! I mean, I know there are some that cost twice or three times as much, but I’m not about that life anymore. Back to neroli oil… It’s all about restoring the skin’s elasticity and skin regeneration. Hello? I also read that it helps with acne scarring. I started using this product in March, which was also when I discovered the next favorite — Full of Grace.

4. LUSH Full of Grace
Price: $15.95

Is it a moisturizer or a serum? It’s both. I typically use this as more of a serum because it doesn’t provide enough moisture for me, especially in the winter. It’s full of the butters (ha!) and an antioxidant + vitamins (thanks to the portobello mushrooms). I can’t get over how much this little bar has completely transformed my skin. I believe that this bar paired with the LUSH Gorgeous moisturizer are the sole reasons why my hyper-pigmentation has cleared up so much. My forehead is usually my problem area. No kidding – I saw results just one month after starting these. Today, I don’t feel obligated to reach for a full coverage foundation… or any foundation at all.

5. Murumuru Butter
Price varies

This is the first ingredient listed in the LUSH Full of Grace bar (told ya, I read all the ingredients). I purchased some of this butter in November 2014, before I had even heard of the bar, while shopping for items to make my own body butters. Never used it until Full of Grace showed me its powers. I will rub all the way down in this butter now. Murumuru butter is very emollient and healing. It is rich in vitamins A and C and also omega 3 and 6. I have a skin condition that no dermatologist has ever told me how to fix, besides telling me to stop scratching. Huh? Alright. Well, this butter provides tons of moisture and will sometimes even alleviate the itchiness. I typically use it in conjunction with a regular lotion or mix it with some other butters for added benefits. The hyper-pigmentation on my arms is way, way down.

6. sexApeel
Price: $39

Hoooomygah!! Listen. This product offers exfoliation by way of fruit extracts. I have to share some of the ingredients – citric acid, sage leaf extract, apple fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, kiwi fruit extract, mango seed oil, witch hazel extract, banana fruit extract… GUYS! It smells like a snack and it works magically. All you do is spray it on, rub in a circular motion and you’ll see all of your dry skin come off. It truly does exfoliate instantly with no irritation, in my experience. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Sonia Roselli, you win for creating this.

7. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
Price: $48

So, remember when I said I would use a full coverage foundation whenever I left home? This is full coverage, BUT here’s the kicker – it doesn’t have to be. One pump is all I use daily now. It’s just enough to even out my skin tone, but my skin still looks like skin (we won’t go there today). Before my dark spots started to fade, I would use two pumps. It builds beautifully and offers plenty of coverage. It truly does last all day. I’ve taken this with me on every vacation since purchasing. It was great in 70 degree weather in San Francisco, 90+ degree weather in Dubai, Aruba and the Philippines. I can’t say enough good things about it. This is NARS’ first full-coverage foundation, believe it or not. I’m a fan.

I hope you will try some of these and let me know what you think!
If you have questions about my experience with any of these, I’m happy to answer.

What were your favorite health + beauty products of 2015? Let’s chat about ’em!




  1. Megan says:

    You know I’m here for the Full of Grace (and the other beautiful Lush products)! Love it! I might have to try some peels! 

    Good lookin out, boo!

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