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I’ve been taking an entrepreneurship class and found it interesting, when reading about how women are perceived in business settings, that makeup was mentioned. I’m not shocked, but I wasn’t expecting it. It reads, “When it comes to appearance, one decision women face relates to makeup. Nancy Etcoff and her co-authors at Harvard did a fascinating experiment in 2011 examining the impact of different makeup styles, ranging from a natural look to a glamorous style. They were trying to see how makeup style impacted whether people saw the woman as having traits such as trustworthiness, likability, and competence. The results showed that wearing some makeup increased the perception of likability and credibility, as long as it was not too heavy.”

So, let me give you a list of things to keep in your makeup bag and some pro tips!

Your Makeup Bag

I believe in curating looks for women on an individual basis. Why? No two faces are the same and a cookie cutter makeup routine is likely not enhancing your appearance, friend. I know it’s easy to follow people on social media, copy what they’re doing, use the same products in the same places and well… maybe it comes out looking okay. But let’s start with some basics. I hope to leave you feeling more informed about your choices and encourage you to really learn your face (and play)!

First and foremost, I must point out the importance of skincare.
Without good skincare, good makeup is likely not going to happen.
Preparing your canvas (your face) is always step number one. The way your skin behaves is a result of what goes in and what goes on. And the way makeup behaves when applies is directly affected by those two things. More on skincare later, let’s talk about this makeup bag!

Felicia’s Must-Haves

At its simplest, I believe a makeup routine should have some sort of base, a frame, something to make the look cohesive, something for impact and mascara/lashes!

  • Base: BB or CC cream or foundation – even concealer!
  • Frame: groomed brows with brow gel (tinted or clear), or brow pencil or pomade.
  • Cohesion: bronzer or blush.
  • Impact: an eyeshadow look with liner or a bold lip.
  • Lashes: mascara or lashes elevate a look easily and quickly

In addition to the items listed, you’ll want to have the proper tools for application, like brushes (and brush cleaner), sponges, etc.

What’s In Your Bag?

Stay tuned for tutorials and more!
In the meantime, I’d love to hear what’s in your makeup bag and what percentage of the items you actually use.
I’m almost curious about how old the oldest thing in your makeup bag is. 👀

Let me know in the comments!




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