Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate Review

Hey lovies! Let’s talk serum today.

As I approached 30, I started to notice that my skin needed a little extra help. It would become less radiant way sooner than usual after a facial. That’s when I decided that I would never be without an anti-aging serum. Things were changing and I wanted no parts.

I went hunting for a new serum to add to my routine not long ago and stumbled upon Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate. At a price point of $89, I was anxious to see what it could do for me.

Clarins states that this serum is “the only anti-aging treatment with 20 plant extracts to stimulate all of the skin’s vital functions and prolong its youthful appearance.”

Sweet. I don’t know anything about plant extracts, but it sounds fancy. What else?

“The unique two-phase formula stimulates skin to firm and reduce the look of fine lines, to restore a radiant, more even complexion, and for less visible pores.”

As a brown girl, any mention of evening my complexion catches my attention. The hyperpigmentation struggle is real… and forever, seemingly. I have also started to notice fine lines around my eyes when I smile. Not cute.

Moving on.

It’s called double serum because there’s a dual chamber with one side containing the hydric portion and the other containing the lipidic portion. Once you pump, the bottle will dispense what appears to be equal amounts of each.

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As instructed, in the evening, I dispense two pumps of Clarins Double Serum into my hands, (I use three fingers on each hand instead), mix well before applying and then press into my skin. It goes on beautifully. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave any weird residue behind. I bring the serum down my neck and to my décolletage. In the morning, I only dispense one pump and then use a different serum on top of it.

I typically give my serums about 5-10 minutes to absorb before applying moisturizer. I’m not so sure this is a necessary step, but it’s a habit.

After 30 days, my skin looks brighter and healthier. If my allergies weren’t attacking right now, I’d show you. It glows. Truly. I can also see a considerable change in my hyperpigmentation. Brighter all around! No change in the fine lines at all.

Would I Buy Again?
The price point is a little high for me, but I would consider.
If you want to purchase, you can grab it here.

I will admit that I was a teeny bit worried before I purchased because the third ingredient is mineral oil and as far as I know, that is comedogenic. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues. The packaging also states, “non-comedogenic,” so I’m not sure how that works out. Maybe an esty can let us know. Here are all of the ingredients.

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I read some reviews that said the fragrance was a bit much for them, so if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, I would pass.

Hope this helped!

What are your go-to serums?
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