Summer Beauty Tips

Summer is almost officially here. I must say… I am ecstatic!  My skin has never looked better.  I had it pretty rough the last few months with random breakouts. I was simply using way too many products and treatments at once. Bringing it back to basics was the priority.  Let’s […]

4 Benefits of Dermaplaning

From what I gather, most of you have no clue what dermaplaning is. Am I right? Let’s talk about it + why you should jump on it. I was visiting my esthetician a couple of years back and she mentioned dermaplaning to me. I’m sure she did that because I’m hairy. I am. […]

Meet Shoni

Since I love talking about beauty and skincare, I thought it was only right that I reach out to an esthetician who truly knows her stuff. Have you ever met someone who claims to do something, but that thing they claim to do is never looking good ON THEM? That’s […]

Limelight by Alcone: Part One

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not here for anyone trying to sell me anything. I know some of you guys agree. MLMs, pyramids, whatever… all the nope. Right? I’m still anti, but not in this case. Here’s why I joined LimeLight by Alcone. Honestly. Skincare-obsessed makeup artist here. […]

Rhinoplasty, maybe.

I’m sure this post won’t sit well with some and that’s okay. I know, for a fact, that my best friend has her eye rolls queued up and waiting. She’ll be fine. Love you, L. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a fan of my nose. It’s big. […]

Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate Review

Hey lovies! Let’s talk serum today. As I approached 30, I started to notice that my skin needed a little extra help. It would become less radiant way sooner than usual after a facial. That’s when I decided that I would never be without an anti-aging serum. Things were changing and […]

Shine Bright(ly)… Or Don’t

Can we talk about highlighting for a minute? I don’t want to beat a dead horse because there are tons of posts on this, so I’ll make it super quick! I’ll start by saying you should do whatever you want. If you want to glow like a firefly, then by all means. I […]

Lottie Masterclass

I had just finished a pretty cool gig when I decided that it was time for me to take a break from makeup artistry. Those two days were great. The talent was easy to work with and I gave everyone what they wanted. I just felt in my spirit that […]

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

Hi lovies! Short and sweet mascara review here. I received the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara as a complimentary gift (thanks, Influenster) for review purposes a few months ago, so here are my thoughts. First, the packaging is beautiful. I will admit that I do not buy expensive mascara often […]

Felicia’s Favorites

Hi lovies! I hope 2016 is treating you beautifully so far. Overall, I had a great year with health and my skin, especially. My dentist handed out sweet compliments and my skin did a 180. I discovered all of these, except the peels, in 2015 and can’t see myself living […]


I should introduce myself a bit before I jump into the goods, right? I’m Felicia Yvette, freelance makeup artist with a totally unrelated 9-5 that I actually enjoy. I was born in Maryland, raised in Indiana and, as of five months ago, I’m a resident of Maryland all over again. Party. […]