Your Beauty Routine As A Spiritual Practice

Lean in, friend.
I’m here with some important news.
There is a beautiful synergy between your beauty routine and spiritual well-being.

In complete transparency, I wondered how I would make the shift from a professional makeup artist of 20 years to a Spiritual Life Coach. And then I quickly realized that I did not want to make the shift. I wanted to do both and focus on beauty, inside and out – holistic beauty. The more I thought about it, the more I realized just how much sense it made.


Mindful Beauty: More Than Skin Deep

Did anyone else just start singing, “Beauty’s only skin deep, yeah, yeah, yeah…” or am I the only one who grew up with older parents?
Moving on.

I disagree with the Temptations, respectfully.
When we approach our makeup routine mindfully, each application transforms into a moment of self-care and spiritual connection. Envision your beauty ritual as a daily meditation. As you apply each product, from foundation to mascara, let it be an affirmation of your inner and outer beauty. You can use this time to acknowledge everything about yourself that you are, and everything about yourself that you desire to be. Speak it out loud.


Affirmations With Every Stroke

You can create your own affirmations, but here are some that you can use to support you on your journey.

While Cleansing: “I am washing away the day’s worries, and embracing serenity. My soul is as pure as my skin.”
Applying Toner: “Just as this toner balances my skin, I welcome balance into my life.
Exfoliating: “As these beads gently caress my skin, I am reminded to be gentle and kind to myself.”
Applying Serum: “This serum is like liquid love. I am worthy of love, and I let it seep into every corner of my being.”
While Moisturizing: “This moisturizer is nourishing my skin, and God’s love nourishes my soul. I am a wellspring of love and joy!”
Applying Eye Cream: “Eyes, the windows to my soul, I promise to see the good in the world and myself.”
Sweeping on SPF: “Protecting my skin like I protect my peace. Nothing can dull my sparkle!”
Final Look in the Mirror: “Hello, Gorgeous!  Your beauty is a reflection of your kind heart and radiant spirit!


Conscious Choices in Beauty

I grew up with a mother who didn’t value high-quality cosmetics. My mother barely wore makeup at all. Her beauty routine, and therefore, MY beauty routine consisted of Vaseline. That’s right – Vaseline for the face and body! Every now and then, she would let me get one of those roll-on lip glosses from the beauty supply. Pair that with a black liner and you. couldn’t. tell. me. anything! And then I got a job.

After-school and weekends, once I turned 16 and had my own car, were often spent at my local department store beauty counters; several of the brands, I would work for later in life. What I realized was that there was a huge difference in quality between the things I had been using and the things I experienced at those counters. That’s when my life changed.

That’s when I became “bougie,” as some of my family members call me. That’s when I started demanding more of the things that touch my body, from my skincare to my clothing. Now, I’m still working on the clothing part because I don’t enjoy shopping for clothes, but skincare, makeup, and haircare get a good chunk of my coins. Why? Because I’m worth it. Because my body carries me and I’m grateful for it. Because I want to take excellent care of it by providing it with beneficial products.

And let me be clear – this does not mean that I have to purchase a $100 cleanser. It means I have to be conscious of what I’m spending on. What are the ingredients? What does it do for my skin? Is it harmful or supportive? Does it do anything at all? Does it contain fragrance? What’s in the fragrance? 👀 More on that later.


Your Beauty Routine As A Spiritual Practice

I encourage you to view your beauty routine as more than just a part of your daily regimen. It’s a sacred time for self-reflection, affirmation, and personal expression. Embrace this ritual to not only enhance your physical appearance but also to nourish your soul.

I’d love to hear what your favorite skincare and makeup products are in the comments!




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