4 Benefits of Dermaplaning

From what I gather, most of you have no clue what dermaplaning is. Am I right?

Let’s talk about it + why you should jump on it.

I was visiting my esthetician a couple of years back and she mentioned dermaplaning to me. I’m sure she did that because I’m hairy. I am. I just… I am. Such is life. So, what is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a process in which an esthetician takes a sterile medical grade blade and removes the vellus hair from your skin.

Note: Be sure your esthetician is trained to perform dermaplaning. You have the right to interview your esthetician before you receive any services.

BONUS: When trying a new esthetician, I also ask about their experience in doing extractions because surprisingly, not all of them are good at it.

Vellus hair is that fine hair that’s barely visible, but it’s totally there. Mine grows in a lot lighter than my hair; not sure if that’s the case for everyone.

I know it doesn’t sound like fun, but it is painless. I promise. 
Just don’t jump, because ya know… sharp blade + your face. Be still and you’re good.

It’s a quick process. 30 minutes and you’re all set. My esthetician would cleanse my skin well, then she applied something that helped my skin become a bit dry so the blade wouldn’t tug at my skin. After the procedure, she would move on with my facial and peel. If I wasn’t going for a facial, she would cleanse and moisturize afterwards.

Let’s talk about four benefits of dermaplaning. Shall we?

1. Not only does it remove the hair, it instantly brightens your skin.
Think about it. If you have vellus hair all over your face, that automatically takes away from your natural glow. Hello, instant gratification!

2. You’re getting a great exfoliation at the same time.
Some of you might be all about microdermabrasion and that’s great. I’m a fan, but I would choose dermaplaning over microdermabrasion just because of the added benefit of hair removal. Plus, it’s not as uncomfortable of a process. The dermaplaning process exfoliates the epidermis (the outer layer of cells) and leaves your skin feeling like butter.

3. Your products work better + last longer.
Since your vellus hair isn’t there to soak up all of your pricy serums and night creams, guess what’s getting all of the goods? That’s right… your skin.

4. Your makeup goes on more flawlessly.
This one is self-explanatory. If your skin is baby’s bottom smooth, that makes for an easier and smoother application of foundation.

I didn’t have to do very much convincing, did I?

I have yet to find someone in my new area who does this, but I can’t wait to get back to it.

Have you ever tried dermaplaning? Are you a fan?
If not, are you intrigued? 🙂
Let me know!



P.S. My esthetician told me that she would NOT recommend this service to anyone who is suffering from acne, for very obvious reasons. Taking a blade to a pimple does not sound like a party.

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