I’m Felicia Yvette, your guide and confidante on a transformative journey where beauty meets spirituality. In my world, integrity, honesty, love, hope, and encouragement are not just words – they are the essence of everything I be and do.

Imagine a place where your spiritual path intertwines with self-care, where skincare and makeup are not just about looking good but feeling good. Oh, yes! Feelings will always be at the forefront when we work together.

I support women who believe in a higher power, God, the Universe, Divine Mind (something), the beauty of makeup, and the depth of personal development. And what I know for sure is that you’re not just a number to me; you’re a unique story waiting to be told.

As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, I am committed to guiding you through self-awareness that will lead to the most beautiful transformation. We will explore the depths of your soul as I support you in unlocking your fullest potential. Oh yes! The victory is all yours as we work together. I’m just here to be a guide and support along the way. As a certified meditation teacher, techniques may be incorporated into our work together. These moments are designed to help you find inner peace, connect with the divine, and bloom in your spiritual journey.

As a professional makeup artist, I am here to support you in discovering your signature look or getting that skin glowing just as you desire! Whether you want to refine your makeup skills or find the perfect skincare routine, I’m here to help you shine.

I am also the author of Peaceful Pause, Rest, Redefined: A Holistic Way To Look at Rest – a 200+ page book with over 30 activities that support you in navigating rest physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you’re seeking a transformation, a touch of beauty, or a moment of peace, you’ve found your sanctuary. Let’s embark on this journey together, celebrating each step towards becoming our best selves – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.