Hi! I’m Felicia Yvette, make-up artist based in the DMV area.
I guess I might want to tell you what you can expect here before I assume that you would like to stay. Since I’m not a fan of the typical “blah blah here’s the story of my life” About page, I’m going to do something very Felicia-like and tell you in lists. If you know me, you know that lists are kind of my thing.

What You Will Find Here
My work
Beauty product reviews
My favorite beauty products
My adventures – food, beauty, travel, day-to-day
Book recommendations + reviews
Words of encouragement
More lists
Love. Lots of love.

About Me
Brand new to the DMV area… the M(aryland) part, but really close to the D(.C.) part
Freelance make-up artist – 11 years
Reading, writing and traveling are my favorite hobbies.
Music (live, especially) makes my soul happy.
Dog lover. I want all of them.
Currently in a relationship with tacos.
I love Michael Jackson. If you speak badly about him, we might fight a little.
I love sending (and receiving) handwritten notes.
Actively trying to gain weight. You read that correctly.
I love to help.
Not a fan of shopping for clothing, but sign me up for shoes.
I love a good Malbec.
I don’t believe there is a such thing as “too many notebooks.”
Pens. I love pens. Must have all the pens!
Side-eye queen. My friends would probably say, “facial expression queen.”
I sit in silence often – to pray, think about life or to simply be still.
Hopeless romantic.
Colts fan.
Lover of love and people who love love.

In short, I’m a 30-something year old makeup artist who loves all things beauty, food, travel, reading and love.

I hope this makes you want to stay! If so, don’t forget to subscribe and also follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. For more of a glimpse into my personality and for random rants about life, follow me on Snapchat. I’m feliciayvette on all platforms. K? K!